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Day 1 [EASActive]

May 20, 2009

After I set up my fitness profile and got familiar with the equipment, I was ready to begin my 30 Day Challenge. My first workout was the 30 Day Challenge Day 1 preset workout, which is of light to moderate intensity and works a variety of muscle groups. The exercises include short runs, cardio boxing, bicep curls and lunges. I was doing it while the kids napped and short on time, so I removed two of the long run exercises to bring the total workout time to about 25 minutes. It wasn’t overly difficult – which is a nice way to begin – but I did feel myself working up a sweat during a few of the exercises.

After school my nine year old son wanted to try it out, even after much cautioning that it’s not a “game”. He had no problem setting up his own fitness profile and loading up a custom playlist of sports activities. After about 15 minutes, my seven year old son decided that it looked like fun and the two of them played multiplayer for about half an hour. They particularly liked the basketball and baseball games. I was surprised that they enjoyed it that much, but they had a great time and also got to burn off a bit of energy on a rainy afternoon.
After work, Jeff also did the first preset workout for the 30 Day Challenge. He liked the user interface, but found that the training videos didn’t clearly show which muscles each exercise was supposed to be targeting. The virtual trainer will correct your form if you’re not in the correct position, but a few times he could feel that he was doing the exercises incorrectly and unsure exactly which muscles he should be using.
Since I only logged about 25 minutes of workout time during the day, I wanted to get a bit more in after the kids went to bed. Since the kids had so much fun with the games, I queued up a quick playlist of sports activities that use the balance board. The in line skating and basketball drills felt like real exercise; the dancing not so much.
Jeff and I created another custom playlist of sports activities and has a surprisingly fun time playing multiplayer tennis and shooting hoops. We also both felt like we were getting some real exercise. I was looking forward to EA Sports Active because it looked like a good way to get some exercise at home, but I hadn’t counted on it actually being fun!
All told, I completed almost 45 minutes of workout time. I didn’t burn a lot of calories, but I’m sure feeling it in muscles the next day. I feel like I definitely got a “real” workout!
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