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Day 4 [EASactive]

May 23, 2009

The workout for Day 4 dials up the intensity and adds some new exercises. Again, it was a mix of upper and lower body exercises, with some new and more challenging ones added to the routine. The side jumps (start in a squat, jump sideways and land in a squat) were killer hard, and I really struggled to finish the set. I was feeling sore but victorious that I had somehow managed to complete the whole set, but that feeling quickly disappeared a few exercises later when it threw a second set at me. Uhg…

I really wish that there were daily totals so that it’s easier to keep track of my exercise for the day. I’m aiming for 30-45 minutes per day and the 30 Day Challenge workouts so far have taken me 20-25 minutes. I’ve been finishing up with some short custom workouts, but I have to keep track of my time myself, which is really annoying. The producer says that feature didn’t make it to the final version but they’ve taken the feedback for future versions.
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