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Lazy Days of Summer

August 27, 2010

Yesterday was our “lazy day” of holidays, a day to lounge around in our pyjamas and hang out around the house on no particular schedule.  Since I’m usually up and ready by 7, this is an enormous indulgence.  I took the opportunity to pull out my mom’s sewing machine that I have on long term loan (and haven’t touched) and work on some new items for Poppy’s.  This is a prototype of the new mitten clips I will be doing for fall and winter, and I have to say I think they turned out great.

mitten clips for

taken on my iphone

And I finally got around to making the “Kitty” clips I’ve been wanting to do.  I have a bunch of ribbon from a new supplier, and it is so thick and nice to work with, I just love it.

kitty head clips for

taken on my iphone

It was so nice to have a day to not-rush everyone to get dressed and ready to go, we so rarely have a day like that…  I tend to spend any time off work trying to do as much housework and kidstuff as possible.  It was good to take one day (out of the year? yikes) to decompress and do some fun stuff.  Even if my definition of “fun” is a sewing machine, pyjama pants and lots of coffee :)

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