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PAX2010 Days 0-1

September 4, 2010

Jeff and I are here at PAX and having an amazing time.  We came a little bit early this year, and had a chance to adjust to the time change and hang around downtown Seattle a bit on Thursday.  We found an awesome place for tacos with Justin, had some Starbucks and made our game plan for the convention.  It was so nice to relax and be schedule free for a day before the craziness of PAX starts; what an awesome way to decompress and get into vacation mode.

The Pach

Michel Pachter and Me!

Day one of the con was crazy, there is just so much to see and do.  We elected to skip the keynote this year – we’ll catch it on DVD later – and started the day with a live taping of Pach Attack.  Pachter was greeting everyone as they came in, so we had the chance to meet him and he is super charming and very down to earth.  The panel was Q&A style and as always Pachter was on his game, pulling statistics and analytics out of thin air.  It’s amazing to me that people like him can store such huge amounts of data and easily recall numbers when I struggle just to remember my postal code.  Afterwards industry legend and tv personality Geoff Keighley was hanging around the room.  He is so approachable and down-to-earth, it’s just incredible.  I pulled off the truly incredible feat of not going completely fangirl when he actually remembered meeting me two years ago.  At PAX2008 we saw him at a panel with Hal Halpin and met him afterwards; Jeff took a picture of me with Geoff and it was all blurry, which I have never let him live down.  Geoff kindly posed for about six photos with me this time to make sure we got a good one.  I’m a huge fan of his work and it was a real thrill to see him again.  Looking forward to the live taping of the Bonus Round later on today!

Geoff Keighley from GameTrailers TV (World exclusive pic!)

We went to the amazing impromptu 1Up reunion panel and saw an absolute all star cast of video game journalists and podcast personalities.  Afterwards we met the gang from Co-Op and I was totally flattered that the guys ‘know’ me from twitter AND that they all know the video of Oliver singing the 1Up Show theme song.  Jeff bought one of their shirts (if you’re here, see Matt and get one) and I left them some of the bags of Canadian candy I brought with me.  These guys are so nice and so real… which is why I love their work.  Can’t wait to see what they’ll be doing with the new EGM, and I’m so stoked to hear that Patrick Klepek and many other great talents are on board.  I’ve always loved EMG and was so sad when it was cancelled; I’ll definitely be subscribing again.  I asked Patrick about an iPad format after the show, and he said it’s in the works.  And thanks guys for the copy of the August issue!

We wrapped up the night at the Seattle Aquarium with some of the Xbox crew and XBLA partners.  I had a chance to thank some of the Monday Night Combat team for their awesome game, which has turned out to be a great community game for the Xbox Canada crew.  It’s a super fun shooter and I find it such a great social game too.  It was also great to see some of my US tweeps in person and meet a few new people too.  We had intended on going to the 1Up meet up afterwards, but the line to get in was incredible and my tired tootsies just weren’t feeling it.  But hey, congrats guys on the awesome turn out.

I haven’t had a chance to check out tons of the showroom floor, but the Back to Future game has a freakin’ DELOREAN TIME MACHINE in the lobby and it can only go up from there.  Hoping to get hands on with Guild Wars 2 and maybe Duke Nukem if I can tolerate the line.  But first up on my list of things to see today is the Wizards of the Coast booth, which I’m sure will be nerdtastic.   Unfortunately the con doesn’t have wifi this year, but I’ll be doing the best I can to microblog the show if you want to follow along [courtesy of Starbucks, haha].

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  1. September 4, 2010 3:45 pm

    Thank you for sharing your great experience at PAX.


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